Software Development

Our talented development teams have designed custom Internet and Client Server software applications for a variety of industries and business types. SUINSYS turns your ideas into digital reality…on time…on budget…every time…guaranteed!!! We work with key people within your organization to learn your unique business approach and apply our experience and technical expertise to provide the optimum custom technical solution for your business needs. SUINSYS builds custom solutions tailored to your unique business model and geared to optimize the success of your organization for a fixed price. Our custom solutions are often cheaper than buying a packaged solution. After all, your organization is successful due to its unique value proposition to your industry. Why should the system that runs your business be the same as your competitor’s?

SUINSYS has years experience developing custom software solutions for various companies. Most of our custom development work has been within:

Client Server
Distributed Applications
CRM Solutions
ERP Solutions
Portal Development

We routinely use a mixture of programming platforms, depending on the application, including but not limited to:

Languages: HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Java, XML, VB, VB.NET VBScript, PHP, JavaScript, Cold Fusion

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, Linux, .Net Framework

Databases: MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MS Access, MySQL

Servers: IIS 4.0/5.0, Commerce Server 2000, BizTalk Server 2000, Application Server 2000, SQL Server, Apache

Technologies: COM/DCOM/COM+, SOAP, Web Services, ADSI, ADO, ODBC, OLE DB, DTS, OLAP, SQL-DMO I and II, UML, Design Patterns, JDBC, Java Beans, Swing/JFC, Servlets, .Net Framework, XSL, Office 2000 API, XML query language for SQL Server 2000

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